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Patti Jewel’s Bio


Patti is a founding partner of The Smart Sites, LLC, a media holdings company that manages media sites including and As the Website Project Manager, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief for The Smart Sites media websites, she is head of all of the websites and contributors. 

Patti is a strong believer in value and always wants the sites to be effective, beautiful, easy to navigate and provide quality content. As the CEO of a web development firm for 20 years, Patti has well-rounded experience in all aspects of websites and online marketing. 

Patti is the mother of 4 grown children whom she raised as a single mom. She is a master multi-tasker & serial entrepreneur with a drive and persistence and never quit mentality. One of her strong passions is mentoring entrepreneurs and those who are looking to start a new career. People of all ages want to start something new, or find a way to start working within their passions and Patti loves to mentor and work with entrepreneurs, career changers and those just getting started in their career path. "I love working with people of all ages and backgrounds. I have found that there are a lot of people over the age of 40 who have a ton of experience in their field who want to start their own business or follow a new passion." 

As the leader of the internship program for the Smart Sites, Patti has set up opportunities for interns that allow growth for building a future in writing, blogging, social media, SEO and marketing, web development, management, and entrepreneurship. Her in service learning has helped students and bloggers gain the experience and exposure they need to move forward in their career. Anyone interning with The Smart Sites will learn from Patti and gain her insight, guidance and will grow in their field of study. She encourages both young and old to apply and both entrepreneur minded and those wanting to be part of a team. "I just love the spirit and energy and want to help in any way I can." 

Patti's biggest passions are her family, traveling, beaches, real estate, Disney, Florida, and Holidays. Close to her heart is helping single mom entrepreneurs as she understands firsthand the struggles that comes with managing a family of children on your own, managing a business at the same time, and keeping a household together. She has also created and established several fun & awareness holidays and is a marketing social media expert on promoting with holidays. 

Email: [email protected]