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Internship Program

Developed and managed by CEO, Patti Jewel, this program is designed to provide insight and help those seeking an online media career gain valued experience. During the 3-4 month internship, students will work hands-on in their chosen discipline. We have a vast network and want to help each student hone in on the specific topic and specialty that benefits their career choices.

Virtual Internship

We have implemented a virtual internship program with one-on-one online/voice meetings once per week, daily open chat on google, and delegated tasks on google drive.

This program will prepare interns for the future in employment to be able to manage projects virtually and be self-disciplined with assigned tasks in the work force.

The recent pandemic shows the need to be able to be effective virtually and our virtual internships will give interns the opportunity to showcase to future employers that they are capable and have gained experience in this space.

What will Interns Learn from This Experience?

  1. Media & Online Industry Experience – The key in today’s competitive world is gaining experience, at The Smart Sites, our internships and in-service learning provides each intern with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience to help land their dream job.
  2. Targeted Work Experience – We have opportunities in a plethora of topics and areas of focus. We place each intern in the position where they can grow most effectively and build connections in their industry.
  3. One on One Mentorship & Personal Growth – At the Smart Sites, the internship is all about individual growth. Interns will receive one on one mentorship and training, business consulting, personal vision building, and self-awareness growth.

What Tasks Will Interns Perform? 

There are several intern roles available throughout our organization. The position will be decided based on where the intern shows the most interest and where they perform best. For the first couple weeks, intern will have a chance to dabble in the areas and topics of interest before being assigned a specific role based on interest and strengths.

Some of the current roles and activities include:

  1. Editorial & Content Creation – Creating engaging and unique content, data researching and data entry. This role will choose a topic of interest and add articles and business listings. This role will also assist in reviewing editorial content to edit and improve.
  2. Social Media Marketing and Management – Everything from creating and scheduling content, to engagement, to growth strategies, gain experience on all of the large social platforms.
  3. Marketing & Communications – This role will assist in creating engaging marketing promos, reach out in the community to build relationships, network with businesses and work with our editorial team for best SEO practices.
  4. Video Creation and Posting – create, edit and post short video clips.
  5. Correspondents, Video & Podcast Talent – work in front of the camera or microphone and report on events, or share insights, crafts, recipes, knowledge.
  6. Online Media Website Design & Development – Work with the team for complete process from concept to development to implementation.

Interns will be chosen based on creativity, dedication and desire to contribute while also growing as an individual.

Regular internship schedules are:

  • Winter/Spring: mid-January through mid-May
  • Summer: May/June through September
  • Fall: September through December

We also have project based internships that start year round.

Internships are based on a 3-4 month period allowing for flexibility working 5-15 hours per week.

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