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We believe that the Smart way to live is by living your passions. When you work for us, we don’t want you to feel like you are at work. Our team thrives on living by doing what they love. 

If you want to work at the beach, on a boat, at home with your family, or traveling through Europe, we encourage you to go and do and live the experiences you write about. Much of our team works virtually. 

Share your knowledge and expertise or explore a new passion!

The Smart Sites are leading the trend on content sharing online. By keeping our sites human-edited, we are able to maintain better quality of links and information. Because we are human-edited, we need you, our content managers to help ensure the quality of content.

Every one has something they are passionate about! Find your passion, join The Smart Sites and live your dream life. 


Current Job Openings

Marketing / Sales Professionals

Do you love to work with people, contact businesses and find ways to help them grow and improve their branding? Can you build a relationship that leads to a sale? Do you have what it takes to help build branding for clients that makes them standout and be found above others? Do you have creative ideas that will lift a client to a new level? Do you enjoy reaching out to influencers to build relationships?

We are looking for a positive and driven sales and marketing representative to grow with us.

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Opportunities include:

Editorial, research & writing, marketing, social media management, video editing, vlogging, research, communications, client relations and more. We want to help you expand and grow in the area that will best serve you. Work directly with our business coach.

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